Corey Alpough

November 22, 1994 - Houston TX
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Our Babies

What are they doing to our babies
Looking on the news and see that they been dying lately,
What is going on this world its getting kinda crazy
Drop them off at school to tell them see you later, maybe

They go to school to learn and have fun
Shouldn’t have to worry about a killer with a gun
Preaching to them in the room like a nun
Praying to God that they never have to run

One shot, two shots, three shots, four
How many more tears do we have to pour
They killing our babies how could we ignore,
Tired of seeing their bodies drop to the floor

The violence must stop, we have to stick together
Or it’s always gone be rough in this stormy weather
They look up to us so we have to be better
We should be tired of writing down R.I.P letters

Living in a world with so much hurt,
Seeing their friends faces on a front of a shirt
At the funeral seeing them being covered in dirt
Wishing they go back in time, revert
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