Christine Kuruvilla

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Ozzona the Snake Coach

Credits: @angelganev- ozzona the snake coach

They buried her under expectations,
Hoping they could kill her fears,
When in reality they killed their little girl,
Encasing her in a cage of undesirable temptations.

She tried to hide her hopelessness,
She tried to hide her anger,
So she hid behind others imperfections,
Killing her own consciousness.

Her perfection a disguise,
To hide her flaws and broken heart,
So she hid behind others imperfections,
Till the day she could find her paradise.

So she created her babies,
With colorful scales and poisonous fangs,
Who helped poison minds of others,
Bring out their "deadly" insecurities.

She thought she found herself,
she becoming fear and fear becoming her,
And flowers adorned her skies,
Ozzona not realizing her biggest fear was fear itself.
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