Christine Kuruvilla

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Mr. Death

The hollowness that grew,
Like darkness that no one knew.
Set forth the carriages,
Stain red coming ages.
The dark, untraveled paths,
The broken, lonely hearts.
Where shall they lead a mystery,
One untold by history.

He stood there charming,
Just patiently waiting.
I knew that he was just an illusion,
A figment of my imagination.
Yet the paths he had trodden,
Are long and never truly forgotten.
They say that sadness never lasts forever,
Yet around him, it's like a disease one can never truly recover.

Death-He called me slow, steady and vile,
Handsome, with his deadly smile.
They say he is frightening,
A monster who pens down life’s meaning.
His every icy touch,
Leaves a prey shuddering in his clutch.
Yet sometimes I feel that his dark unending kingdom,
Was an escape from this earthly prison.
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