Christen Kuikoua

Christen Kuikoua ( born Christen Kuikoua Keutchankeu on March 1st, 2007) Is an American actor, aspiring fashion model, singer, poet, Instagrammer, and Internet Personality.
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So Who Is Christen Kuikoua

In the quiet quest of self, a name unfolds,
Christen Kuikoua, a story yet to be told.
Not just a random soul or a fleeting dream,
But a being with purpose, a soul in the stream.

Through days and nights, in life's winding thread,
In the valley's shadow, where mysteries are bred.
Asking, "Who am I, and how did I come to be?"
A pondering heart, longing for clarity.

Days pass by, and nights slowly fade,
In the realm of uncertainty, a journey is laid.
Through the valley of death, where shadows creep,
Seeking answers, in the silence so deep.

A question echoes, "Am I a mistake?"
Or the result of someone else's heartache?
Yet, in a moment of recall, a truth unfurls,
"I am not a mistake," whispers to the world.

Faith emerges, a guiding light,
"I am a child of the living God," takes flight.
In Jeremiah's words, a promise so divine,
Plans for a future, a hope that will shine.

Once more, the question lingers in the air,
"Who is Christen Kuikoua?" in the soul's lair.
A silent response, as the heart understands,
"I am God's child, with purpose in His hands."

Not ordinary, but special and adored,
Loved and cared for by the Sovereign Lord.
With a smile, a realization takes its place,
"I am Christen Kuikoua, part of a divine embrace."

A little teen, cherished in God's grace,
Where love abounds, and mercy finds its space.
Not a mistake, but a part of God's grand plan,
For before existence, He knew, and began.
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