Christen Kuikoua

Christen Kuikoua ( born Christen Kuikoua Keutchankeu on March 1st, 2007) Is an American actor, aspiring fashion model, singer, poet, Instagrammer, and Internet Personality.
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For As Long As You Have Hope You Can Overcome

Yeah Cancer,
What a horrible disease
It takes away dreams and change it to sorrow
Takes away parents from their children
And children from their family
but I have a message of Hope for you today

Anything that is destined to happen will happen
because you know what, life does happen
The unexpected, the uncalled for, the unintentional
We were damaged emotionally
Damage spiritually
it may be your heart broken today
or maybe a doctor's note saying you have one week to live
that your cancer has reached the critical stage

I am here to tell you guys you are not alone
to all those suffering of cancer,
and any sort of pain & diseases
You guys are not alone
keep on persevering
keep on praying
keep on Hoping
I Know it is difficult
It is hard, I know.
people critize you guys
sometimes treat you less than humans

But remember, there is no disease that isn't
but we always have to keep our head straight
repeating to Ourselves inside, I got this, I will survive this
But I believe, as long as you have hope, you can overcome
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