Chrissy Davis

June 17, 1979 - South Carolina
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Forbidden Love

My sweet friend lost her radiant glow.
Her smile once contagious is now for show.
Forbidden love, her tale of woe.
She is dying inside. She can’t let him go.
His heart was taken so it was safe to say,
She wouldn’t catch feelings because he couldn’t stay.
Friends with benefits they both loved to play.
But her nightmare began when he stole her heart away.
Being his mistress was her choice to make.
She never imagined the heartache.
She thought she knew what was at stake.
Not walking away early was her biggest mistake.
She was strong, confident and deep.
The kind of girl you'd never see weep.
But it kills her to know his heart she can’t keep.
Now every night she cries herself to sleep.
When morning comes she can’t get out of bed.
Thoughts of yearning consume her head.
She sometimes thinks she’d rather be dead.
Because life without him feels her with dread.
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