Chandrima Modak

February 21, 1996-Dhaligaon
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New vision

Will die a thousand deaths,
Until my voice being heard
Will die a thousand deaths,
Until freedom and rights are reserved
Choices are not the ones set by the rules
But, are the horizons of imaginations and possibilities,
Free from the shackles of yearning and qualms.
Fated for the greater good are no more just words,
So, are experiences no more painful,
Rather a ride of presence.
Does it have to be the hard way?
Longer the wait for an answer in the queue of the questions,
There goes the conscience lost in the wilderness.
Let be buried in the cold grave of the past.
As we build the pillars with new stones,
Let the wait be over at this hour
As the brightest wings of phoenix pierce through the darkening sky, till then
Will die a thousand deaths,
Until I’m fully awake.
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