Chandra Pathakoti

June 26th, 1972 - Hyderabad, India
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Hidden Enemy

A hidden enemy is waging war on Human Kind?
Viciously attacking us from behind?
Is nefarious ploys nature of this predator?
Are Veiled attacks on us is its character?

Who is this evil monster disguised in devil form?
Who is this demon dislodging our strength with spell of dreadful storm?
Who is this marauder throwing vicious blows?
Who is it? No one knows? Faster it comes and faster it grows, our woes

These Toxic creatures live without any reason
Freakish wild zombies are bred in lethal poison
Going berserk creating epidemics and pandemics, such filthy beings
For they are reared to have no emotions or feelings

These bloody pathogens are pathetic
Small blood hungry generation bugs apathetic
Wicked antigens appear as demons of fright
Yet they forget, short lived ones, what is right the folly of fight

How can these tiny being threaten and create ruckus?
How can they disturb us and even dare to touch us?
They are living in endless hope of illusion
False dreams of mass confusion and masked delusion

Disguised enemy celebrations are only short living
Will give befitting reply, for we learned the art of giving
One can win over greater creatures but not mankind
For we are here to last, that’s how nature designed

Let it storm of gusty winds or severe scorching heat
Drowned in heavy rains or Tsunami sweep our feet
Flight of fears may fly high or crush and sink deep down earth
Let hell of fury come forth or strength of resolve become no worth

We can be busted, dusted and buried deep down
Yet we rise Like Phoenix from shattered dreams, from foot to crown
We might be pounded, hounded and deeply wounded
Yet we know how to rebound, astounded and victory bounded

For we humans, might be slow to solve, find true resolve
Instantly don’t dissolve, for we know only how to evolve
We might fall yet we stand up to conquer all
Stand up proudly, to rise above and stand tall
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