Ceyx Kingfisher

December 23rd, 1977 - The Netherlands
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You couldn’t know, but I’m the reaper,
Grim grinning, cotton steering, empty hulled.
Your sweet momma saw; she saw, she said.
She said, she says she saw that I’m a keeper.

I’m a keeper in your eye,
But keep your eyes on me.
Keep your eyes on me; don't leave me be.
Your momma, see. She said she saw,
She said she saw you flee.

I get up to no good,
And I don’t know what I do.
What I do. What do I do?
I do what I want.
I do what I want when I’m with you.
I do what I want to you.
Girl, the things I done to you.
The things I done with you.
Girl, the things you done to me.
To me you did those things,
Those things we’ve done.
All we’ve done, together.

Saturday, she calls me.
She calls me Saturday.
Saturday, she says, Saturday,
You’ll see, Saturday,
Saturday, some day you’ll see,
You’ll see the worth inside of me,
And I say, Girl,
Girl, you fuel me for the week,
Just don't seek that same weakness inside me,
And she says, she says,

Saturday, your kingdom’s here,
King Alpha, your kingdom’s here with me.
Your kingdom in a closet,
Greasy rails on direct deposit.
Put your head on my chest,
Your hard heart at rest.
Can’t always beat the best.
Just rest, Saturday,
Saturday, let’s just rest,
And tomorrow, tomorrow I’ll pay that rent.
And tomorrow, tomorrow will be ours;
Tomorrow will be yours; tomorrow will be us.
And I'll be mine, tomorrow.

Sunday, she calls me.
She calls me Sunday.
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