Carl Sinderby

24th April 1982 North England UK
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As we search

All i am in this moment is bare
a complete vision of myself
nothing to hide, something to share
the simplicity of being real
gracefulness in showing your true self
your beauty is within the love you show.

Sharing emotions without boundaries
listening to your self belief
finding freedom in your forgiveness
that is what guides you to a calm peace.

As we search out futures path we call life
we turn, go back, go forward, stand still
yet we still seek and dream a vision
an amalgamation of deep thoughts and feelings
moments we want to remember or forget
our choices create these moments.

persistence of showing your continued kindness to others
giving a generous amount of your time and a listening ear
helping create a human kind of nature that others can follow.

You are beautiful, you are special, you are unique

you are you.
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