Carl Rex

August 26, 1990 - India
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The Uncontested Lawyer

One night I happened to dream of a trial
It seemed to be vital, there was no denial
A case to be weighed for life or for death
Solemn thoughts pervading amidst abated breath

The Judge was seated quite high on His throne
His wisdom apparent so gracefully shone
The felon was hardened, his look full of hate
His case was so hopeless, his crime was so great

The Jury was arrayed, their robes were so white
All ten in total, their faces shone bright
Placed there to wipe out all sin without trace
Swift to mete Justice, with no show of grace

The Accuser then rose up all ready to speak
To point out the evils and iniquities seek
And triumphantly show that this man needs to die
For his manifold crimes and his treason so high

This man robbed his neighbor, he refused to give
He was bent on his purpose to selfishly live
He committed adultery with his looks and his mind
His acts were so hurtful his words so unkind

Every once in a while he lied to his friends
Scared to stand out, he went with the trends
Cared not for parents but squandered the time
Buried all his talents and wasted his prime

He set up many idols in his deceitful heart
He bowed to other gods and thought himself smart
Took on God's name but learnt not His way
He was bent on defiling God's pure holy day

His crime was so heavy he dared not speak up
His intents shown evil soon filled up the cup
The Jury with horror looked on his life's tale
The Judge was now ready to weigh down the scale

Just then came a lawyer hurrying into the court
He asked for forgiveness, he was late to report
The court was all surprised for no one had thought
This Lawyer would stoop down for helping a sot

This Lawyer had won all the cases He took
There was not even a single loss in His book
So gentle and loving, he took the stance
That everyone needed a second chance

He stood up to plead for the sinner so vile
He offered instead His own life without guile
He broke down in tears as He cried out 'My blood'
He showed them his wounded hands, sides and head

Then came a deafening silence so quite
That fell on this supreme court so elite
Voices were hushed as all stood to witness
The events so solemn to transpire next

The Jury kept silence and so did the Judge
It was upto the sinner to make the first budge
With tears flowing down he fell down at once
To hold His dear Master's feet in repentance

Joy flooded the courtroom, all sang on their harps
Perfectly blending the flats and the sharps
Judge lifted the gavel, His face with smiles traced
"The sinner is completely pardoned by grace!"

Then dawned upon me the truth of the scene
The Judge is the Father, the Law - Jury team
The Lawyer is Jesus we all can agree
And the worthless sinner is none other than Me!
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