Carl Rex

August 26, 1990 - India
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The Soulful Church

There was a little pale building
'twas a Church that had no bell ring
But there was always sweet singing
Bringing loud praises to the King

Not much money or coins to spare
Nor riches, assets to declare
But love and kindness ever there
Good food and fellowship to share

There grew up kids timid and shy
Who grew to mighty oaks and high
To work in places far and wide
Well-trained to serve and self deny

The elders there were bright and kind
They set high goals for us to mind
Taught us the Truth, our hearts refined
And kept us filled with foods sublime

We made good friends to last lifelong
Skilled yet humble, to belong
To keep each other pure and strong
In life's path, as we walk along

These days are fresh in memory's lane
Ever always there to remain
Like lovely smell of autumn rain
In loss or gain, in joy or pain

Oh let us run the race ahead
With hope and faith as Jesus said
Leading poor souls who are misled
To Christ our Servant, Friend and Head
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