Carl Rex

August 26, 1990 - India
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A Girl Who Stood for Sabbath

I know a girl, oh she is so sweet
But more than that there's no deceit
She tries to keep God's Holy day
And please Him daily in every way.

But then one day, the devil took note
And in his aweful book, he wrote
Taking an oath to make her fail
And with his evil forces prevail.

So then he started troubling her
With trials one after another
Classes and tests, hard 'n rude men
Succeeding to push her into depression.

Then stood up Jesus fair and strong
He pled with His Father for all her wrongs
He held up His virtue, His sinless blood
Able to cleanse her as a mighty flood.

Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound!!
That makes the pitiful soul rebound
And takes us sinners from deepest pit
And fits us on His throne to sit!

This girl then got her strength renewed
And mightily the race pursued
To set a witness for her friends
And through life stairs to re-ascend

Oh how this girl inspires me too
To face life's problems and still be true
But more than that, her God is proud
To be called her Father aloud!
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