Brenda Kodesh

Red Rock, Oklahoma

Double Trouble (From A Twin's Point Of View)

When there is two of you, life is not the same
It is as if you are playing a game.

When you buy something there is always gotta be two
And your name is replaced by, "Hey you."

My twin looks exactly like me
So we are hard to tell apart, you see.

We know we both cannot win
But we're always happy for the other twin.

But let's not forget the good points too,
You can fool almost anyone with who's who.

Plus it is cool to be walking down the street,
And have someone notice you're a twin, how neat !

I so have to say that my sister is great,
She's a wonderful person, buddy, and mate,

Beside you, there will always be someone.
Who makes your life exciting and fun.
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