Brady Stewart

August 8th, 2002 - Pontiac Michigan
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Minds That Know

that is a question.
Have you found it yet?
Is it worth the mention?
Can it find itself deep, in your dreamy convention?
Because I find that personally (to Me)
Connection is profound (unreasonably)
As a facade it
Glowing; Shimmering
I reach for it fast
In my hand, it's enclosed.
Magic Magic, would you raise your palm?
Magic Magic, what a wonder it's gone.
Is it however?
Considered a wonder
That the heart I can't hold
Is quite frankly, in reality, impossible to behold
Through mortal windows
And Clanking teeth
And a face that Bites
And eyes so Sweet
Yet Nails that Scratch
Arms that Hold
Lips that Kiss
The strong, abled hands
My heart; it flew
Minds that know
Yet never do.
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