Bonnie Achord

Sioux, Iowa


My name is Patches; I am a puppy.
I have a master and friend named Patti.

My friend plays ball with me,
and runs through the trees trying to catch me.

She taught me all my tricks for treats,
and now I know them as good as the ABC's.

I'm naughty and nice we both agree,
but when I see that fly swatter it's time to flee.

My mom is a pure white Maltese.
but her babies were all gray like me (Schnauzer).

Now time has gone by and I have more family,
but they're as black as they can be (Yorkie).

As you can see I have quite a family tree,
because mom has been promiscuous and carefree.

Though one of these days mom better get serious,
and have a family of Maltese,

Or she's going to lose her happy home,
and have to come and live with me.
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