Binay Bhattacharya

October 1, 2002 - India

I see what they don't

I've seen the days getting dark,
I've seen disasters born out of farce,
I've seen the stars going dim everyday,
I've seen the ocean swallowing lives on the bay.

Keys of the piano still colored the world,
Rains of love still filled the barrels of happiness,
But I've seen those colors getting faded away,
I've seen the barrels being kicked off by pain,
I've seen the curse that killed the alive world,
I've seen the dead You within you.

I've seen this but can not say,
I'm filled with those dark colors, but I can't spray,
Them on the world, and on you,
I can't see the deadly colors twiddling down the faces,
I can't see them trembling down to death,
All I want is a peaceful world, and a peacemaker YOU...
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