Bill Halbert

Wills Point, Texas, USA

Seems Only Yesterday

No TV to keep us occupied indoors,
No PC's or electronic gadgets galore.
But from early morn till after dark,
We'd invent our own kind of lark.
A rope from a tree over a remote pond,
Of skinny dipping we were really fond.
An excursion hunting into the woods.
Fishing on the creek was realy good.
A worn out skate, a hammer and nails,
Scraps of wood, a sidewalk for rails,
Made transport for hours and hours galore.
A nickel gave half a day at the candy store.
We'd take a clothes pin and a rubber band,
From a worn out inner tube and with plan,
Make a gun that would harmlessly shoot,
Play "cowboys 'n' injuns," holler 'n' hoot.
Never a dull moment did we ever see.
We were always as busy as a honey bee.
We did lots of chores and in a big hurry,
So off to our own we could then scurry.
The depression made toys out of our range.
So with inventiveness our toys we'd arrange.
Seems only yesterday, because in my life,
Self taught inventiveness will always suffice.
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