Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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Men Are All Alike!

So much loving and caring
He appears in the lights
Of his honorable and civilized life
But acts otherwise
In the dead deserted nights.
In darkness of artificial glamor
He turns into ruthless rustic,
Utterly abusive and deadly scary
Brandishing his muscled power forcibly.

His better half ever remains
Merely submissive
Mutely passive
Bitterly subdued,
Badly battered
Sometimes bartered with booze,
In lifelong dramatic acts
Of his insatiable desires,
As an object to be used and misused
For his carnal satisfaction
As a reproduction machine
To breed battalions of his specimen!

His beastly bites,
Pretentious cuddling
And false fondling
Treading and trampling her
Through his physical closeness
Under her bulging skin
Of seeming emotional intimacy
Dwindles her down dried
And her feminine glaze and beauty;
Silently she goes mechanical
Physically bruised and so beneath
Compromisingly, bearing the brunt
Of his painful acts and lusts...

Men are all alike
Erected in darkness of love
As the lights go off,
And when society sleeps
Sex hungry beasts in disguise
Howl, growl and ravish
Their most sought prey
Winning an unfought war
Crushing female bosoms and souls
With their manly and muscled embrace.
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