Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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A Sinner's Heart

My soul badly suffers intense pain
Heavy with fleshy chains
Burning dead in the fires of hell
For the mortal sin
Committed once in the Garden
Of joy in the twilight of life,
Under the bower of intimacy
Fostered for no reason
Between love and sympathy.
The soiled body fallen from grace
Still writhes continuously
In the pool of repentant pangs
Flooded with tears of penance
Mysteriously discolored and blurred...

A bond of heart seems to have
Weaved a repugnant garland
Of shameful, painful sin
Hung like the dead Albatross,
Around the neck of life;
The deadened piety and purity
Of my sullen soul
Stinks in the existential frame
That never lets peace
To perch on and rest in mind
For a sound sleep of bliss
On the earthy bed of diminishing life...

Feeling fails me in all respects
On all fronts, at every step
Quivering conscience makes me feel
I am a damn sinner
Shaming the mortal frame
Of immortal soul,
Yes, I am. I may be a great sinner
But a pure soul in love
With eternal lover of my heart,
For I am a fallen angel of heaven,
So more sinned against than sinning...
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