Bharati Nayak

26th May 1962, Cuttack
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A Music Is Made

What and how
Can I define
And give a meaning
When I look
To the soft sunshine
That illuminates
My inner and outer world
How can I give a name
when music is made
When sweet breeze
Caresses the green branch
Or when
Flowers dance
In the rhythm
And the birds chirp

In which note
This music is played
When in silence
It is heard
From thousand miles apart.
In which name
I shall call the cloud
That wanders into the desert
Drizzles for a traveler wearied.

What name shall I call the drizzle
That frees the music
Held captive in the dungeon
And give a chance to play again
In the freedom
Where sunshine,
moon beam
Birds and butterflies
Even the tiniest life dance.
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