Benjamin Wolf

Southern Illinois / Brooklyn, NY
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Sink, Float, Swim

I kept it to myself
And while you slept I witnessed things that words can not give life to.

You know me oh so well
But I can’t bear to place this weight into your hands, my burdens are just for me to carry.

We laughed just for a moment.
You smiled through tears after that,
But you don’t look at me the same.

I blame myself.
I know Love is just a game, it’s just the rules don’t change and they’re difficult to follow.

Our trust I could never break.
And, if reversed, I’d take every ounce of disappointment you’ve ever known and suck it out like poison and build a river in my veins.

But you can’t swim.
And the puddles that I’m standing in would drown you.

So I’ll leave my coat for you to wear. I never cared about the rain anyway.
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