Beatrice Knox

November 2nd, 2000- California
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Sick Morning

Blinds separate from each other
Light sneaks in
Touching the walls of my room
Touching my closed eyes
I open
Ruby red in my face
Brush it away to get a clear view
Of the eggshell ceiling I see everyday
I sit up
Stretch my sleeping bones
Telling them it’s time to work
Put on my blue headphones
That correspond with my ruby red hair
I let Imagine Dragons
Set it Off
Panic! At the Disco
Fall Out Boy
Play through my ears
My own personal concert
In my head
Where anything is possible
Door let’s the hall make a tiny entrance
Below is a beautiful creature who wants to snuggle
She jumps on my bed
Puts her paw on my hand
And licks my arm
Fur is black as night
Paws are white as snow
Eyes can’t beat the green of grass but try
Nice morning it is
Helps keep the bad demons away
From entering my peaceful space
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