Barbara Randall Clark

Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA

Wellness, A Mind Thing

Old men sit on benches, nodding in the sun
Ladies past their prime, dream of things they wished they'd done
While children turn to caregivers for guidance and trust
But wellness,
Like the good, the love, the God that is in everyone
Has it's genesis, it's alpha and omega,
In the mind of all of us.
Maturation If I falter, Correct me; I need your strength.
If I am sluggish, Push me; I need your encouragement.
If I am idle, Give me choices; I need to learn to set priorities.
If I criticize, Be gentle; I need your understanding.
If I am aimless, Change your footsteps; I need your example
If I am listless, Present me with a challenge; I need to accept responsiblity.
If I am bitter, Be tolerate; I need your patience.
If I stumble, Have faith; I must learn to do for myself
If I have misbehaved, Discipline me; I need to know that you are consistent
If I am worthy, Praise me; I need your acceptance and approval.
If I do deeds of accomplishment, Be fair; I need to know that justice exists.
For I am the result of your creativity I am your shadow
Your hue; I am your future, The sum of your experimentations;
I am the birth of your destiny
I am you.
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