B. Cacavas-Brumitt

Roseville, Michigan, USA

Clinton Beware

Clinton beware ofdeep blue eyes and ruby red lips
Tricky feminine wiles and freaky trips.
WFor its the start of a downward swing---
That's toppled many a beloved king. Beware of ties, trinkets and other gifts;
Causing marriages to fail, sink or drift.
Worldwide kings too numerous to name.
Foundations of character - put on others blame. Beware of false confessions and contrite lies.
The words flutter from land unto the skies.
From mankind, worldwide-nations thru history.
Beware, the loss of what could have been victory! Celestial Hues At long last, I've earned my celestial dues
Gazing upon the hazy, blue-lavender hues.
Golden mists flowing deep into our outer space
Shimmering silvery white stars of heavenly grace Spiraling, slowly, midst misty burgundy beams;
And then spilling into Emerald island streams.
Only faith and giant telescopes can ever reveal -
I The wondrous scope of his majesty's love to heal. There's more, much more we could never surmise
The blessings witheld from our blinded eyes.
Daily, so new, icy sculptures of wintry scenes;—
Brilliantly painted forests and skies supreme.
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