Ayesha Tauro

27th December 1999

To the one who loves me next.

To the one who loves me next.

Don't talk about everything else going right i know you'll leave the other way
Don't make promises that won't be kept,
When things get hard to accept
Don't kiss me to make me believe that it is true

when you're here fooling me too.
I don't want this.
I want late night texts
Not having to worry about what's next.
Maybe don't wreck my beliefs.

Just come around say we'll fix this
Because trust me that'll be a relief.

Don't be the one who think saying I love you can fix things
Because that's not true.
Count your blessings
I know this sounds cliché
Count me as one too

I wouldn't have it any other way.
To the one who loves me next
Show me you love me everyday.

Ayesha Tauro.
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