Ashraf Gohar Goreja

Enchanting Queen Of Clouds

I was chasseing a trail of silky clouds
To embark there my wandering soul
Where I had often seen
Your rosary, acute, floating image
Enticing, inviting and keen.

Flying on wings of vagrant winds
With melting colors of heraldic hue
Your cheeks and lips were tinted so
That you could emblaze a lucid heart
Adorn, erratic, and innocent woe.

During the long and gentle night
Your day-bright image recedes in dark
Inspiring horror entice you away
As roaring, deafen waves of sea
Detract the castles of sand, with every fray.

I wish, night could emerge, into a long clear day
And silky clouds could keep on floating
And you, O! Enchanting queen of esoteric domain
Keep on smiling in your perplex fashion
So I could keep my gaze bewildered, even in bane.
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