Ashley Somba

Bulawayo, February 28 ,2005
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She built walls so high,
She took her time,
Brick by mortar by brick,
Slowly building and reinforcing,
Making sure that her structure is strong.

After all the building,
She plastered her walls,
Covered and smoothened with gold,
So shiny ,so beautiful but so strong.

And why was she building,
Why was she reinforcing,
Why make it so strong,
What was she trying to protect,
To shield like a king in a fort.

It was her heart,
She did it for her glass heart,
So beautiful,so brittle but so fragile,
Its a miracle it still beats,
After all it has endured.

She used to keep it in the open,
On her sleeve with her bracelets,
Near her scarred wrists,
Those marked with cuts,
Decorated with them both old and new.

She wanted to get better,
Tired of all the cuts,
So she gave her heart away,
She thought it would heal her,
But in turn ,
It broke her to pieces.

Her heart was his,
To nurse and cradle,
To love and hold,
After all;
Love is the "answer",
But not in this case.

So she gathered it up,
Her broken and damaged heart,
After all the pain and torture,
She mended it up,
And put it behind the walls.

Now she'll never let it out,
Never will she believe in love,
Trust is now a thing to avoid,
Because it cost her a heart,
And promised a void.

So she has made a pact,
One she'll never break, u
To play her part,
To rather be a narcissist ,
Than ever be a victim.

By Jaded
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