Aryan Bhardwaj

November 6,2003-karnal
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The rain did some partiality
In some states was kind,
and in some was cruelty.
some got the worst drought-hit
and some were provided the deluge.
some people yearned for the drop,
and some were provided an amount huge.
The rainfall going down
even the rainforest got hit,
in people's minds, the reason still isn't fit.
in the days old, was earth's crown,
and now the rainfall's number going down..

the reason and saving's,
The idea still isn't reaching.
now very less people for preaching.
Very less water for drinking,
drinkable water's level shrinking.
soon the initiatives should be taken,
otherwise drinking water,
will be the thing
away taken, away taken, away taken...
so it's a humble appeal,
and should be made,
it should be a check on ourselves or a raid,
and if not water and trees,
will be the things to fade.
and we will have to live
under their hypothetical shade......
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