Aoibhín Healy

January 26, 2008 -Limerick,Ireland
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Merely threading the water in this dark and vast ocean
Barely keeping my head afloat over the crashing waves that are pulling me under
I cannot escape as I am submerged into the water.

I am beginning to lose hope that I will be able to escape from the thunderous waves
I feel as though I am being buried alive in quicksand
Do you know the feeling?
Can you relate to this?
Why should I fight it?
Why should I try to thread the water?
If it is to no avail then why am I to waste my precious strength
Alas,I am weak.

I have lost everything
I have given up trying to fight this sense of impending doom that I feel pushing down upon my chest.
It engulfs me,like flames to a house.
It is getting hard to breathe as the merciless and dark water pushes my head down under,to the darkest depths of the ocean.

Do you not care anymore?
Do you really believe that the waves can hold you down underneath the surface of the ocean?
You are struggling to thread the water,
But listen to me when I tell you
That you can swim.
You can leave this ocean that is swallowing you whole.

For you are stronger than the waves.
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