Anthony Torres

Mastic Beach, New York, USA

Separation And Conquest

Africa has become a world watched problem of races,
Where the natives of that land are in conflict with separationist.
Western man will not concede to equal co-existence
With non-white people who live in a sub-level existence.
The American Indians were pushed aside and conquered;
Still treated wiht reluctance socially, second class and angered.
In Canada and Alaska the native Eskimo and Indian retreats,
Under the "tolerant" behavior of western mans conceits.
The weak, the untrained, and the third world poor,
Are still used and abused and held in scorn.
Western man has bought a Latin-American native elite,
That exploits its own people who must grovel at their feet.
In the name of the "good life", millions are humilated,
Forced to live in hovels and are completely separated.
As if in repentance, there are humanitarian aid offers,
While the game goes on; the fat into preferred coffers.
Separation and conquest by any other name;
Is still apartheid, for social and economic gain.
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