Anthony C. Winegar

Jefferson City, Missouri

Ode To Diana

Symbol of purity beauty and grace
Credit to Mankind the whole Human Race.
Champion of Charities She won the People's hearts
her life now is over from us she must part. Born the year of Camelot Diana was her name,
tall in stature slender in frame.
Her heart it was genuine she reached to the poor,
Lady to the Masses Diana is no more. Married to the British Prince Charles is his name,
a long white gown and a flowing train.
A storybook wedding that wasn't meant to be,
2 handsome boys from the Royal seed. The photos never ended of the royal bride,
try as she might there was no where she could hide.
Paparazzi were everywhere aggressive in intent.
They hounded her in Paris and to God she was sent.
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