Annette Arkema

Brookfield, Illinois


The dance, the long lasting look,
opens the pages in this book.
Indulges me deeper in your arms,
I'm spell bound by your charms.
As I glance into your eyes,
I start to realize.
I've longed for this moment,
as long as I can remember.
I will take all you give with no regret,
and cherish your love forever.
Closer you hold me I begin to melt,
all my body comes alive that I have felt.
A little bit of sweet romance,
closer together as we dance.
Echoings through my heart, you have turned loose,
emotions come spilling out as you hold me close.
Long lasting this moment at last,
as I shatter in your arms like fragile glass.
How true it is for you and I, to have one last chance,
for one precious lasting dance.
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