Annabelle Cochran

Bryson City, NC, USA

Happy Fall To One And All

The leaves are turning yellow, red, orange, and brown.
How pretty they are fluttering to the ground! The golden pumpkins are in the field.
Farmers are happy for such a good yield. The corn has turned all yellow and brown.
The apple trees with fruit are bending down. Squirrels are scampering in the trees and on the ground.
Hiding the acorns and nuts they have found. In the meadows the Asters are blue and white.
They are all part of nature's beautiful sight. Grapes are hanging on the vine.
Must be gathered before the cold winter time. As the cool brisk days of fall come and go.
Soon the ground will be covered with a pretty white snow. My sincere wish to one and all -
A most happy and delightful fall.
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