Angela Cini

August 18, 1980 - Melbourne

my mother, the methods to her madness

my mother tells it how it is
no lies, no sugarcoating, the harsh reality sometimes of the cold hard truth
for this she gains respect
she raised my son as if he were her own
she taught him how to laugh in the midst of chaos
how to strive and do your best
how to love when its hard to love
how to heal
how to cope
how to tell his mother to shut up in a nice way
my mother has survived cancer
i knew she would
i was battling a drug addiction at the time and i was not there for her
she forgave me
she knows me best
she is the greatest judge of character
looking through people as tough they were glass
even the most cunning, psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists
cant get it past my mother
she would see thorough them in five seconds and get well rid of them. i love you mum xxxxxxx
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