Angela Cini

August 18, 1980 - Melbourne

Biography of Angela Cini

I had a rough childhood having been sexually abused by two perps. At 21 I had a son. He is now turning 18. I have an ice addiction. I'm in a relationship with a narcissist who sleeps with who ever he wants. Blaming it on a sex addiction. I was in an abusive relationship with my last partner. I no longer see him. I have undergone depression. I lost my son to my mum who kidnapped him. I have bipolar and I had an episode and my mum refused to give my son back. She then took out an intervention order which left me alone for two years. It was hell. My mum is evil. She suffers depression and is married to a peodfile. He eliminated all her family and she had no friends. She has major depression and kept my son to save her from a life of misery. Before she kept him . I had steady employment. Friends. My son were happy. After she kept him I felt like he died. I overcame all that and I still have to kiss my mum's behind otherwise I don't get to see my son. She makes him feel guilty every time he chooses to spend time with me and leave her out. So then he has to push me away. But. I have come a long way. I'm going back to work. My son is happy with me . I'm blessed to have the best most understanding boy on the planet. I'm loved by him.. I use poetry to express my feelings and to try and send a message about issues I've experienced. My dream is to publish some of my poems and make my son proud of me. It would be a dream come true.