Poetic Justice - September 11,2000

Unwilling weapons once flew high up in our sky;
Joining the madmen and innocent slated to die.

Two runaway silver birds were altered by course
Towards a once majestic skyline taken by force.

Side by each, the twins moaned, swayed and rumbled,
A shameless cruel intent to make America humbled.

Five proud sides stood, but only four shall remain,
History forever forged by the acts of the insane.

The last tortured bird cries out, ''We must fight! ''
Plummets toward the earth with great power and might.

We waited for dust to clear and the fires to settle,
So the haunted and brave could sift through the metal.

Hearing silenced cries as they continue to call,
Forcing heartbroken tears to well up and fall.

Honor the fallen in numbers so hard to comprehend.
Lives to be remembered and not just defend.

Pray God, let the time pass to allow us to heal,
Seeking real justice now, as our revenge shall fail.
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