Amy Poupard

December 22, 1988- Detroit
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A Collage of Loves Once (or Twice) Had

A Collage of Loves Once (or Twice) Had

To The One that told me to always turn to the stars
As the galaxies and solar systems of distant cannot worry for my heavy heart
You’re the one that reminded me how much I love creatures, big and small
Remember the summer we spent dancing among the bugs, through fields
Catching stinging, buzzing insects
Maybe I loved the hunt
The chase
While your eyes fixated on all of them, mine were always stuck on you
While I loved to see them float just above the field grass, you liked to make your move
Something about being so near danger- trust it not to hurt me, when surely it will
So instead trusting that when it does, I will still be standing
Almost tempting myself to have to exercise those ever so evasive self soothing skills I’ve learned to master
As you’ve taught me I can never “need” anyone

To the one that reminded me that I appreciate the nice guys
Leaving sweet notes on my car
Or dancing like a goof outside my window
Being There.
You also reminded me that people can surprise you!
That GUY just means WOLF and NICE just means IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING
Tell me again, why they say you people always finish last

To the one that reminded me of how good of a conversationalist I am
The weirdo that refers to me still as one of the best interlocutors that he’s ever met
The one that has to be so fuct up at every possible moment
The man so much better than everyone else, that I question whether I too, by proximity, am a narcissist

To my weird friend, I mean lover, I mean the simple one
Someone that has accepted and supported me from the day we met
A man that understands my humor and makes me laugh until my cheeks hurt
Someone who’s vibe is SO authentic
And has held my hand while our hearts danced the night away
From you, I’ve painfully learned that sometimes love has to reside inside boxes that we call friendship.

There are more, Others. But these, I’d like to thank
For you have helped me plaster together the collage of my heart
My interests, values, lessons, and reasons
Rest assured, You cannot be replaced
But I was never meant for any of you. For that I am Grateful.
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