Amanda Shelton

July 3, 1981 - Bakersfield California USA
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In the end!

After humanity has caught the last fish, after they dug up all that is left, after they cut down the last tree, and drank the last drop of clean water, only then will human beings see the devastation of their activities.

Our tears will not be enough
to hydrate and grow what we
reap and sow.

Only giving and forgiving ourselves will stop this disaster that is humanity.

Our future depends on change,
its hanging in the balance, blowing in the hurricanes and tornadoes, its breaking the earth quaking our souls and shaking our lives to the bottom of its foundation.

Yet silence breaks the cries of
the world, ignorance is a disease, it drinks our tears steals our breath for the popular vote.

There's no freedom after you choke.

Climate change is no joke!
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