Alexander Palmer

March 29, 2004 - Florida
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shattered faith and entropic prayers

futile infinity, entropic, crawls down my wretched throat,
the hymns of the choir have soured and I am utterly alone,
the crucifix that once seared my skin lies in the ashes of my home,
the lord's altar has scorned me, I stand among his disciples and I am alone.

oh, lord, why hast thou forsaken me in my darkest hour?
is it mercy or grace you lack, because they assure me of your power,
I peel the rotting bandages from my ravaged wrists,
I was never as broken as when they finally called me fixed.

and if your blood lies in that chalice, then you know what it is to bleed,
I replaced the scorn of your rejection with the razor I now need,
how many have lost themselves to the futility of your creed?
you have taught me nothing except the longing to bleed.

my feet blister from walking your unending path,
even as a child I knew the agony of your wrath,
I would tear the flesh from my bones to take my misguided faith back,
you have taught me nothing, you have brought upon me all I lack.

roll the stone back from my tomb, you will only find my rotting corpse,
count the scars that line my wrists, the merciful lord has run his course,
the olive branch you wish me to extend is not a mercy I will give,
you have broken my will to live, all I ever wanted was to exist.
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