Alex Karahalios

February 29, 2004- Chicago, Illinois
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Forgive Me

Mother I want you to know I'm sorry for being a piece of shit
I'm sorry about the problems I've have caused within you and dad
I'm sorry I was never there for you to comfort you on your darkest time
I hate myself cause I know I was the reason for your’s and dad’s divorce

I feel like life for you and dad would have better without me in the picture
I still get angry at the fact that I was the reason for your depression
I wish i was never involved at any of our family photos
Dad always told me that you guys loved me but i’m sure that's a lie

What difference does it make your dead now never to be seen again
I wish I could tell you in person that I’m sorry but it's too late the pain has been caused
I will lay this poem on your grave and hope forgiveness
Maybe If i commit suicide maybe then i'll receive forgiveness
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