alberto petrakov

19 March 1984

Lost In The Infinite Space

We were going on a trip to the never ending space.

But soon we realized that we’re lost in a place,

Where there is no smell and no taste,

Nothing is useful and nothing is waste.

Not a speck of colour, nor a bit of odour.

There is no darkness, nor a trace of light,

We are not blind but still , we have no sight.

Here, there was no past, so no history,

The time comes to rest, and everything is a mystery !

Everything is silent, there isn’t a voice,

And I think that returning will be a better choice .

I turned around for suggesting I couldn’t dare,

Surprised to see my none of the pals are there !

Now I am lost in this incredible space-ALONE !

And I think that silence is the most horrible tone.

I start remembering, my each moment on earth,

Right from the beginning from the time of my birth.

We shared our happiness, along with our fears.

But now there is nothing which could stop my tears.

Here, there is still something called ‘nothing’.

I don’t know in which part of space am I;

But I’m just lost in this never- ending space !

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