Alana Alpres

Wilmslow UK, 4th of June 2004
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Final Thoughts

As I stand before the gates of death,
And take my final, trembling breath
I'm filled with fear and deep regret
For all the things I left unsaid
I try to find my way to faith,
But no matter how I pray,
I remain an atheist at heart
A heathen creature with no god,
And now, as death draws near,
I am afraid.

The lake’s inky waters, black as night
And as I sink beneath the surface
I hope to find salvation.

Even an atheist can hope,
That in death, perhaps, he’ll find release
From doubts and fears,
A greater understanding.

But as the world comes crashing down,
The stars fall from the sky,
I feel despair and disappointment
For all the things humanity denied.
I had the chance to make it right,
Now doomed to suffer in my
Own turmoil
I stand before the judgment seat,
Praying for redemption, for completion
As the gates of death loom before me,
Their shadows cast on the ground
I hope that in the great beyond,
I'll find the peace I've never found.
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