Akshay Gupta

May7, 1994 - Rajasthan
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Two traits of life


Did you call me?
I guess you not!

taking decisions inwardly
did you surmise?

never stake yourself onto it,
I deemed, you will fall steep

thou rendering grief
never rely on this merely deep

you will sigh with melancholy
creating feelings with no read

genius employ me, made history
Scoop me, I pave you high

tie me up incessantly
like requisite

I, The Mind

~~~ Flip ~~~`

The psyche you own and
your vehemence is all because of me

mellowing lives, creating vibes
how you forget all this?

making apron string
you are zilch without me

thirst of knowledge ensure
only and only with my sensing

don't twirl down, I placate
I compose conscience

hearken me
you find yourself,: The inner me"

I, Your Heart

So, you see

"The two traits of life
one is our genius mind and other is our heart"the lifeline"
So, who is more important to you?
define me!
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