airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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What is life all about?
Is it just pleasure, is it to scream and shout?
Is it success, that will ultimately burn out?
Or is it about Peace that we must look out?

People are just running in the Life race,
Success, money, pleasure is all they chase.
Most are caught in the misery maze.
Very few are able to live with grace!

We are all alive, one day, we must die.
The Body will die, but we will fly in the sky.
Before this ultimate moment comes by,
Should we not find out, ‘Who am I?’

Is it not true that we must face Death?
Is it not true that we will lose our breath?
Are we just meant to dance and have fun,
Till one day the journey of life is done?

What is the Purpose of Life on earth?
Why did we get this human Birth?
Do we realize we are the only one that has a Mind?
Not the Mind, in fact, the Intellect, we must find!

It is sad that most of us are lost in thought!
In the monkey Mind we are caught!
To be in Consciousness we forgot
And so, we all Suffer a lot!

We think that Life is just to come and go,
We don’t realize the Truth of the show!
There is a law, you will reap what you sow,
About Karma, when will our wisdom grow?

Karma is a universal law of action,
Whatever is the action, so will be the reaction.
The law of Karma doesn’t end at Death,
We have to return to settle after our last breath.

The Body will die, but the show will go on
As the Mind and Ego, we will be Reborn.
And until we realize we are the Soul,
There will be no Liberation, our ultimate goal.

There is a Purpose for us all on earth,
It is to escape from the cycle of Rebirth.
It is not just Pleasure and Joy and Bliss,
But to reach the state of eternal Happiness.

First, we must be liberated from miseries three,
From the pain of Body, Mind and Ego, we must be free.
And then, we must realize that we are not the Mind and Ego, ME,
With this, with the Divine, one we will be,

The Purpose of Life is not just to come and go,
Who we truly are, we must realize, we must know.
We must overcome Ignorance and in Enlightenment grow,
This is our Purpose, to achieve before we go.

So, let us stop now for a moment and think,
Not in this world, must we blink and sink!
Let us learn to live with Peace and Bliss,
And achieve the ultimate goal of eternal Happiness.

I am not ‘I’, we must realize this Truth,
I am the Divine Soul, we must get to the root.
I am not mind and ego, ME, that will return to earth,
When I realize this, I am free from Rebirth.

The Truth is that we are all manifestations of God,
Within each of us resides the Lord.
The Purpose of Life is to attain this Realization,
And then, Liberation that will create Divine Unification.
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