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October 15, 1964 - India
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The A to Z of Karma - 2nd Edition

What is Karma? Karma means Action
It is the Law of Action and Reaction
If we sin, if we do bad, we will weep What we sow is what we will reap

Nobody can escape the Law of Karma
It is Karma that is controlling the earthly Drama
Because of past Karma, we experience trauma
Our Ultimate Goal is to attain Moksha!

Because we live in ignorance, we cry
We do not realize, 'Who am I?'
When anything happens, we look up at the sky
With tears in our eyes, we ask, ‘Why?'

We don't realize who controls this show It is not God, who makes us come and go
God has created the Karmic Law
And this Law works without a flaw

Karma is a Divine Law
It is just another Universal Law
It governs everything that happens on earth
All that unfolds, even our death and our birth

Every time, we do a task
'What happens, then?,’ We must not ask
Good or bad, is recorded by Karma Then, we have to face the drama

Who does Karma belong to?
The Body acts, isn't this True?
But it is not the Body, it's the Ego and the Mind
That is the owner of Karma, we will find

One day, the Body is sure to die
At death, the Body will return to dust
The Mind and Ego, ME carrying unsettled Karma Will return in a rebirth, this is a must!

The Body forms later, first, comes the Soul
To realize this, is our Ultimate Goal
But our own Mind makes us blind
Alas! We don't realize, we are not the Body nor the Mind

In ignorance, we continue to live and die We suffer our Karma, we often cry
This suffering will just go on and on
We will live, die and be reborn

As long as we don't Realize the Divine Truth
If we don't get to the bottom of the root
We will live, perform actions and create Karma
And we will be caught in this Leela, this Drama

But if we realize, we are not the Ego, Body and the Mind
Then, all Karma is dropped and left behind
We realize, we are the Soul, it has no Karma
And so we are free from this Drama and its trauma

Is it easy, from Karma, to be free?
Can everybody be free from the Mind and Ego, ME?
For this, we have to escape the accounts of Karma, all three
We are the Divine Soul, then, we will see

With the opening balance, Prarabdha Karma, we start
Then, Agami Karma, as we do our earthly part
Finally, Sanchita Karma, after we depart
We must drop all Karma, we must learn the Art

We must drop all the accounts of Karma, three
And then, from Karma, we will be free
We do not have to return to earth
We will be free at death, from rebirth

But how will we achieve this Ultimate Goal?
We mustn’t live as the body and mind but as the Soul
We must live as a Divine Instrument, from Karma, being Free
Liberated and living as who we are meant to be

In that moment, when the Body will die When we realize, I am not 'I’
Then, we will rejoice, we will not cry
As we become one with the Power in the sky

This is the Purpose of our Life on earth
Ultimately, to be free from the cycle of rebirth
First, we are free from the suffering of the Body, Ego and Mind
Then, we are free from all Karma, we Find!

If we don't Realize the Truth of Karma
Then, even with good Karma, we will be caught in the Drama
Coming to earth, we will experience trauma
Our Ultimate Goal is to attain Moksha

The A to Z of Karma, those who learn
Their Enlightenment, their wisdom, makes them earn
Once they die and their body burn
They will attain God, they will not return!
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