airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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Prema Yoga

What is Prema Yoga?
How can Love unite us with God?
How can Love for the Beloved
Make us one with the Lord?

Love is a powerful emotion
It can take us to any length
For Love, kings even gave up their throne
Love has so much strength

But how can we love God?
When God has no body, no form?
When we love the Beloved as God
Within, there is a Divine storm

For when we love the Beloved
As the manifestation of God
When we fall in love with the Beloved
We are actually loving our Lord

This Love is not worldly Love
It is not for the beauty of the skin
This Love is loving the Soul Divine
The Soul that is God within

But how can we see our Beloved as God?
Our Beloved is just our Love
When we see the Divine in the Beloved
Then we love the One above

Divine Love is intoxicating
It creates Divine Bliss
When we love our Beloved just as we love God
There can be no greater Happiness

Unfortunately, we don't know what Love is
We think it's a hug and a kiss
Divine Love is Soulful Love
A fountain of joy that is Bliss

Somehow, we have been taught wrong
That love comes from the Heart
When will we realize Divine Love
And from the myth, when will we depart?

The truth is this, God is a Power
God is the Soul that is in all
God is SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power
In our Beloved, we must recall

So, when our Love makes us yearn for God
We need not go to a temple or a church
We must look into the eyes of the Beloved
And this will end our search

For God is here, God is now
In our Beloved, does God live
If we open our Real Eyes, we will Realize
And God to us, our Beloved will give

And then, we can love God all the time
We don't need to search for Him
We can constantly love our Beloved as our Lord
And our bliss will go up to the brim

Prema Yoga, the Yoga of Divine Love
Will make us one with the Divine
When we are ever united with the Beloved
This intoxication is greater than any wine

The world knows of four states of Yoga
Meditation, Devotion, Action, Education
But the Divine gifted me the Yoga of Love
Which unites me through the Divine Manifestation

Do you love God, do you seek Him?
Do you have a yearning for the Lord?
Then, realize your Beloved is His manifestation
And in the Beloved you will see God

Love is the Power of the Supreme
Love comes from God and is God
When Divine Love appears for the Beloved
We will be ever united with the Lord

How can one live as a Yogi?
How can one be connected with God?
While the four states of Yoga create a union...
Prema Yoga creates a seamless union with God

Prema Yoga is the strongest Yoga
A Yoga that can’t be put in words
It's when you Love your Beloved, deeply as God
Greater than Love that's in 'Lovebirds'

For deep within you will find
God in the Beloved's Soul
Love for the Beloved will unite you with God
And make your life whole

When Love for the Beloved becomes Divine
And through the Beloved, God we can love
This Prema Yoga, the Yoga of Divine Love
Will make us one with the Power
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