airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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Who is God, where is God, what is God? This question is in our head
We pray to God, we go to a temple
But ultimately, we are dead

We fold our hands and pray to God
Oh Lord, our problems you must solve Some of us seek to fulfil our dreams And so, the Lord we involve

But a few of us, our God we love
As we live, for God we yearn
These are the ones who realize God The biggest treasure they earn

God is not a 'he'or a'she'
Not far away in heaven, does he dwell Nor is God of these fairy tales
Nor is there any truth in heaven or hell

God is not God, God is SIP
God is the Supreme Immortal Power God is in you, God is in me
God is in the tree, the fruit and the flower

How do we realize the truth about God?
How do we realize that God is our Soul?
When we realize we are not the body or the mind
We achieve this ultimate goal

The Soul came first, we were created later
In nine months, we were formed, then born
Then ultimately, one day, this body will die
That day, the Soul will be gone

What is left is a mass of flesh
The body is dead without life
But what is in this body, we don't know We just cry with tears and strife

Those who love God with all their heart
They are the ones who do realize
That this body will return to its five elements
It is Divine Grace that opens their Real Eyes

What are the five elements, this world is made of?
Earth, water, air, fire and space
In every molecule of matter, on earth
There is Power of the Divine grace

Every molecule of matter is energy
This is even what science does accept This truth, thus, is not just of spirituality Neither is it some blind belief and concept

Energy cannot be created or destroyed Energy can only be transformed
Every molecule on this earth is Power This truth, we are then informed

So then, if the Soul is nothing but God
And every molecule of matter is SIP
Then, everything is the Supreme Immortal Power
This truth we get to grip

God is everywhere, in everything
God does not live in the skies
When we realize God is a Power, God is SIP
We get over all the lies

Every particle of matter that we touch and feel
Everything that we see, that we hear Everything is God, everything is SIP
We realize the truth, it is clear

Everything on earth is a manifestation of God
It appears as this, but it is that
Everything in this world is made of SIP
This is the absolute fact

When we realize this truth about God
We realize we are none other than SIP
Then, we live with God every moment we breathe
God is in every breath of our lip

There is God, there is nothing else
This world is full of SIP
When we overcome our ignorance and realize the truth
We are on the spiritual trip

What is the purpose of our life on earth
It is to realize God
When we realize who we are and why we are here
We become one with the Lord

We realize that God is SIP, the Soul
We realize that God is POSIEMOM
We realize God in every molecule of matter
To God, we go, and from God, we come

Everything is God, there is nothing else
This world is but an illusion
Every particle of this cosmos is the Power of SIP
Let us get to this conclusion
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