airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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Dream vs Reality Both are illusions!

Why should I worry, it was just a Dream
It is not real, no need to scream
A Dream is an Illusion, though vivid it may seem

But Life is different; Life is real
Don’t we all suffer, don’t we all swirl?
Very few go deep to discover the treasure, the pearl

What is this Journey of Life on earth?
What is the Purpose of our human birth?
Is there a way to live with Joy and Mirth?

We all live with suffering and strife
We laugh, we cry, we endure Life
But we don’t cut through to the Truth with a knife

Just like a Dream, Life is an Illusion
Very few of us get this Realization
We don’t use our power of Discrimination

Just like what happens in a Dream is not true
Life is nothing but an Illusion too
I am not ‘I’ and you are not ‘you’

Little do we realize what is our role
Dreams and Reality will take us to the goal
Which is to discover we are but the Soul

When are we going to start our Quest?
Not just Dream, but get out of our nest
Realize Life is an Illusion, get to the crest

Just like Dreams are not real, so is Life
Needlessly we suffer, we cry with strife
With misery, pain, sorrow, life is rife

But we can be Happy if we Realize the Truth
Overcoming sorrow, getting to the bottom of the root
If we realize it’s a Drama, we can enjoy the fruit

Do you worry about the Dream that you saw at night?
You wake up to realize that there was no fight
Life is good, it's shiny and bright

But Life is different, we continue to cry
We suffer, we question, we look at the sky
We cannot differentiate between the truth and the lie

Just like a Dream, Life is an Illusion
It is a long Dream that ends in disillusion
Because of ignorance, there is no Illumination

We think Life is real, it’s not just a Dream!
And so, we suffer, and so we scream
When we realize the truth, life will flow like a stream

If only we Discriminate and open our eyes
Life is just an Illusion, once we realize
We can be in Bliss with nothing to analyze

Life is a Journey, we come and we go
Little do we understand this earthly show
Our goal is to realize the truth, and not just know

We are not the Body that goes to sleep
We are not the Mind that makes us weep
Nor are we the Ego that wants everything to keep

When we realize what we are not
In Thought no more will we be caught
The Truth in front of our eyes will be brought

The Journey of Life has a Purpose
Not to jump like a clown and make Life a circus
Once we realize the Truth, we will never be nervous

We all commit the Greatest SinWe don’t realize that God is within
How will this battle of life we win?

When Dream and Reality, we contemplate
And the difference between the two, we discriminate
We will arrive at heaven’s gate

Did you decide your human birth?
Did you decide how you came to earth?
No, it’s Karma that governs the earth

When we realize that the earth is a stage
The Drama unfolds by Karma, page by page
Then, we will be free from the misery cage

Those who realize that Life is a Drama
Those who discover everything is Karma
Realize that just like a Dream, there is no trauma

Just like a Dream, Life is an Illusion
Once we get this Divine Realization
We will know that everything is a Manifestation

We are different Souls, so do we see
The Truth is that weare Divine energy
Everything is one, there is no you and me

Life is like a Dream, when we realize this
Like after a Dream, there is no unhappiness
But for this, we need Consciousness

As long as in ignorance we are bound
We will suffer as we live on the ground
Till the ultimate truth is found

What is the Purpose of reading this book?
It is to change your Life’s outlook
But first, you must be free from the ignorance hook

So, it’s time to start
And pull the myth apart
And this is to learn the Spiritual art

The Ultimate Truth is everything is an Illusion
Even Science has declared with Discrimination
This world is nothing but a Manifestation
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