Adhyatmika Panda

March 10, 2006 , Odisha ,India
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Silence - what I need

Life is not seen anymore,
the heart aches from deep core.
Shattered dreams, pieces of glasses,
Which is not mean anymore.

Fear, is what engulfs over all,
obstructs me from my soul.
the darkness covers the world,
Cry, and afraid to fall.

Perfection is not achieved by all,
Mistakes what I did , I regret.
time is not gonna come back,
it's just a matter of fate.

Just believing in peace,
With cool blowing chilly breeze.
Love and cherish silence,
Where I wish , to lie with ease.

Suffering has all enough,
Eyes threaten to spill tears.
Small heart aches from what it bears,
just to leave behind all the fears.

Hope one day I could,
Just the way , moon shine
The silence , I glorify,
Can bring me with divine..

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